Behind the Aillio Bullet Roaster-Chaff Collection and Impeller Fan

This is a video for those who own a Bullet and are wondering about maintenance. This is a 2018 video so it’s dated to the Bullet roasters of that time – but much of this applies to all Bullets regardless.

Here’s a look at some of the Bullet R1’s internals, how to remove the rear panels, adjust the belt tension, and what tools to have on hand.

There were minor differences between the roasters that we received in the past two shipments from Aillio. Jonas from Aillio opened up two roasters to show these differences.

If you have comments on the video, please let us know if you have first-hand experience with the Bullet or not. The Bullet in this video is version 1/1.5. There are minor differences between this and the current model. Please refer to our website for up-to-date info on the Aillio Bullet.

Here’s the link to our Bullet product page

Behind the Aillio Bullet Roaster: Chaff Collection and Impeller Fan

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