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Videos, tip sheets, how-to, question and answer for home coffee roasters we sell, like the Behmor, Freshroast, Popper, Gene Cafe, Hot Top, Aillio Bullet R1, Nesco, and stovetop roasting, popcorn popper roasting, oven roasting etc.

popper roaster spin test

Spin Test – Green Coffee Rotation in Popper

To get even, quality roasts, you want to be sure the green coffee is rotating in the roast chamber! This quick video demonstrates how… Overloading

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Popper Fan Speed – Thermal Switch Function

If you hear the fan speed increase slightly somewhere between first and second crack, the Popper might have hit it’s temperature limit. Here’s a video

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Roasting Small Batches of Green Coffee in Popper Coffee Roaster

Whether you’re roasting tail ends of a coffee bag, or green coffee samples for cupping, tiny batches are totally possible in Popper. “Roasting small batches

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Roasted Coffee Color Card Envelope

Sweet Maria’s Roasted Coffee Color Card

We created this card as an inexpensive tool to help determine the degree of roast. Trying to match up the terms we use for roasted

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Popper-Heat-Dial- template printable

Popper Heat Dial Template

The Popper coffee roaster heat dial doesn’t have marks … here is a template you can print to add some! Some people like the Popper

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Popper Coffee Roaster Line Art

Having an Issue? Popper Troubleshooting Tips

Roast too fast? Not dark enough? Something seems wrong with the roaster? Here’s some tips to solve Popper coffee roaster problems This is an FAQ

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Roasting Multiple Batches in the Popper Coffee Roaster (and Sample Roasting too)!

How to achieve consistent roast results from one roast batch to the next on the Popper coffee roaster. This is our basic guide to roasting

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