Blueberry Toaster Waffle Coffee

“Ever get a craving for something that’s so persistent, you obsess over it for months? For the last six months, I would have given my right arm for a blueberry waffle. I know, it would have been easy enough to pop in an Eggo, but they’re just not the same. And the blueberry waffles at Bob Evans are awful.” That’s from a Columbus, OH foodblog and I thought it a fitting introduction to my breakfast this morning, our newest offering:…

But there’s so much more going on here than one fruit flavor. I woke the entire warehouse up on this foggy Friday by brewing a pot from a batch Tom roasted for cupping (City+ at most)…gotta love the advantage of being able to taste a cupping level roast in a Technivorm. So potent and puckering, I’m not usually the guy who sits around waiting for the dry process Ethiopia bandwagon but I’m jumping on the back of this fruity truck!

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