by the pounds

CR Finca Genesis 1071
CR Macho Arce 994.5
CR Lourdes de Naranjo 3442.5
SM El Papuma Decaf 2772
Guat Huehue Finca La Providencia Dos 2295
Rwanda FT Dukunde Kawa Musasa 2376
El Salvador Siberia Estate Pacamara 462
El Salvador Siberia Estate Bourbon 10560
Kenya Kirinyaga AA Kiunyu 2904
Guat Antigua Yellow Bourbon 4444
Kenya Nyeri AA Kangocho 2112, pounds

As you can see, we’re getting down there on Genesis and Arce, but we’re really down on Siberia Pacamara. So, please get your hands on some if you haven’t already, that coffee can go pretty fast and it is pretty spectacular. Have a great times….