Coffee Processing Experiment: El Manzano

Sept. 21, 2010

We offered a set of three coffees from El Salvador – Manzano Estate some time ago, and it was a great educational experience I think. The set contained a single lot of the same coffee processed three different ways so you could taste what difference processing makes. Here are some notes from the review, “Cupping these coffees is a exciting intellectual experience. There is a pronounced difference in the cup, but at the same time a very logical progression of the development of certain flavors and characteristics which show how similar the coffees are as well. The coffee itself is sweet and bright, not a lot of delicate floral notes, but the transformation is clear. One interesting thing was that my scores increased with the amount of coffee cherry that was left on the parchment; meaning, in my opinion the natural was the best of the three, with the pulp natural being second, and the washed lacked the complexity and dimensions offered in the two other processes. The score on the spider graph reflects the full natural process, but I have individual scores for each process at the end of their respective cupping notes. Generally where the scoring differed was in the body-mouthfeel and the depth of flavor categories.”

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