El Salvador Cascara vs Yemen Qishr


Once in a while, the staff at Sweet Maria’s takes a few minutes to come together and taste a coffee as a group and compare notes. Recently, we got together to compare Sweet Maria’s unusual offerings of tea. Our El Salvador Cascara and Yemen Qishr were tasted side by side and each proved to be very unique. The Qishr came off as the more subtle contender while the Cascara was a bit more bold, super fruity, juicy. Our staff discovered spicy hints of jamaica, hibiscus, tamarind and fruit in general.

We found that adding a bit of honey changed the taste dramatically and made us curious as to what a little cream would bring (we don’t normally have cream/creamer/milk around here). Curious? There are a lot possibilities…cream, sugar, cooking, sauces, baking, beer brewing….and iced tea!

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