Ethiopia Madness…and MANY more to come! (


Yes, that’s correct, we have more Ethiopia coffee hitting the list very soon – like next week “very soon”. While we’re more than thrilled we’ve sold 7500 LBS of our 10000 LB lot of dry process Aricha, we want to make sure people know that there are other really fantastic lots of coffee that will be added over the coming weeks. For Ethiopia, we have a dry-process Sidama lot from Konga station hitting the site middle of next week that has our excitement on par with that of the Aricha we’re currently running out of. Yesterday we cupped a sample roast of that coffee with a few other naturals, and our scores were once again in the 92+ range on average. Pretty exciting stuff. Add to this a container of our first Antigua and Huehuetenango coffees arriving from Guatemala, and a mixed container of Kenya lots, and we’ll have doubled our inventory. So if you’re anything like us, kick back and relax over the holiday weekend, and get ready for an exciting, if not hectic, start to the month of June.

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