Four More: Espresso Workshop 16 Lenny Dee-spresso,Guatemala Candelaria,Ethiopia Harar,Tanzania Mbinga Ruvuma

New workshop blend and three arrivals: Espresso Workshop #16- Lenny Dee-spresso, Guatemala Finca Candelaria, Ethiopia Harar Longberry, and Tanzania Mbinga Ruvuma Flatbean. Let’s start with the bright shimmering new blend: Espresso Workshop #16- Lenny Dee-spresso. Named after a zesty organ player, this blend has orange, bittersweets, and baker’s chocolate in the profile. The Guatemala Candelaria is customer favorite with hazelnut, chocolate and a twist of citrus. This next coffee should be popular: Ethiopia Harar Longberry. We’re happy to add an excellent Harar back to our stock. This profile has fruit tea, cinnamon and chocolate at dark roasts. Lastly is the intense Tanzania Mbinga with blackberry syrup, creamy body, and bittersweet tang. Click through for more notes on the coffees.