Tanzania Coffee – A Short Trip to Kilimanjaro

I put together some video clips from a quick trip to see Tanzania coffee farms near Moshi, Kilimanjaro. Here’s my 13 minute travel video…

Here’s a travel video from my trip last month to Tanzania. It was a quick look at some coffee sites around Moshi near Kilimanjaro in the north.

I have not been to this area before, and was surprised by the lush coffee farms and wet climate. Water is not so abundant in other coffee regions of Tanzania, like Mbeya and Mbozi where we focus most of our buying.

Tanzanian coffee travels to Moshi Kilimanjaro area in the North, 2023

Ross and Peter showed me a few cooperatives, called Amcos here, in the area of Moshi and Rombo. I added some clips from a day trip to Bongoyo island off Dar, especially since the forest there reminded me of the original coffee forest of Mankira, Ethiopia I have visited. 

More on Tanzania as a coffee origin can be found on our library site here:

… and Tanzania coffee can be found at Sweet Maria’s here: https://www.sweetmarias.com/green-coffee/africa-arabia/tanzania.html

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