From ’93 to Infinity


We’ve been incredibly happy with our Rwanda offerings this year. For starters, they’ve just simply been brilliant and sweet and complex coffees. We’re also really happy with the response to the way we approached our sampling of these coffees this way and what the response to that has been. We always want to be encouraging discussion on all of our coffees, and the comments we heard and cuppings that we saw come together around the blind sample packs were incredible. Thank you to everyone who has participated.

Our friend Michael Marinelli of Orazure Coffee Roasting in Texas brought to our attention that he had entered on of those Rwandas into Coffee Review’s look at coffees from Central Africa and received an outstanding score of 93 points. Not only this, but he also pointed out that 2 other roasters, Papa Lin’s and GivCoffee, also submitted that coffee and also received 93’s!

This particular coffee has been one of the favorites in a good deal of the cuppings we and others did of these coffees, a bright and lively and intensely sweet Rwandan with orange blossom and hibiscus in lighter roasts. We have our last Rwanda lot up on shrub now. It’s another phenomenal coffee with a range of roasts and lots of cider and floral character. Don’t miss out:

Thanks so much for sending the coffee in Michael and all, so happy to have it in your roasters.


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