Get ready! There’s more coffee on the way.

We have a lot more Ethiopia coffee hitting the list very soon…like next week. We want to make sure our customers know that there are some really fantastic lots of coffee that will be added over the coming weeks. Our current Ethiopia offerings are selling fast and are only the tip of the coffee iceberg.

Pretty exciting stuff. Add to this a container of our first Antigua and Huehuetenango coffees arriving from Guatemala and a mixed container of Kenya lots and we have doubled our inventory. So if you are anything like us, kick back and relax over the holiday weekend and get ready for an exciting, if not hectic, start to the month of June.


Here’s what’s coming next week…

-A washed Sidama from Aleta Wondo with peach, bergamot and Earl Grey tea notes. It’s very elegant and a real stunner.

-A washing station-specific dry process lot from Dumerso that cups with flavors of fresh berries, dark sugar sweetness and juicy citrus notes.

Also…our first Antigua and Huehuetenango coffees will hit the list in 2 weeks.

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