getting back to blogging the blog.

Boy, isn’t blog an awful word. Then again, blogs can be kind of awful. I’ve been thinking a bit lately that this weblog isn’t what i wanted it to be. I have been using it to announce new coffee arrivals, which is fine. But with our new site improvements, i feel like that is a redundant use, and not very exciting anyway. So I am going to return to the original idea – the day-to-day at sweet maria’s … and just post what I am doing here and thinking about on a routine basis. The good thing about my role here is that it changes, and some of it can be mildly interesting. For example, today I am roasting samples from a Sumatra cultivar experiment, the work of a coffee researcher named Tony Marsh. He painstakingly went through the Aceh area to identify unique tree types, many at an existing but abandoned government research station in Bener Mariah area. Then they produced 2 samples from each cultivar they found, aq wet-hulled sample and a wet-process sample. So I am roasting them all (I have nothing but codes to cup by – it’s a fully blind experiment) and will log my cupping results. I’ll write more about it later. We also have been testing some SO coffees as espresso, including the dry-process Centrals we roasted for our Coffee Pairing this week. The Mex Nayarit Dry Process was nice – the Guat Oriente DP as espresso was too, too fruity. That coffee really sits on the edge of fruity and over-fruity, an interesting lot to taste, if nothing more than to define where that line (fruity-overly fruity) lies according to your palate. For me, it depends on the roast. A bit darker and it is positive fruity chocolate; but lighter and it has the sourness of overripe fruit. After I finish roasting, I am going to Costco. Woo Hoo. After that I will be cupping the first Main Crop Kenya Auction samples, not expecting too much though… Tom

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