Podcast: Rwanda – Getting Back to Rwanda Coffee Lands, Audio Version (Episode 31)

We created an audio version of the recent Rwanda coffee travelogue

Lately I have been listening to long-form articles that have audio version read by the author. I thought, “Heck, why not try this for our latest Sweet Maria’s travel piece?” As a first attempt, I am not going to say this is well-read, but I did my best.

The library version of this article has the photo set, which has a lot more information about the actual trip, whereas this audio commentary is, as people now say, on the “meta” side. It’s really about the bigger issues with coffee travel, what traveling to producing countries does, doesn’t do, and what it I think means in a symbolic sense. -Thompson

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2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the insight and enjoyment. Thoughts during travel has always been something special for me and puts into context activity that is often a bit too focused and thus misses the overall picture. It’s nice to see someone else thinking a bit this way and wondering how the focused work of us as individuals fits into the overall picture. Very interesting to think about… as I drink my Burundi Yeast Process coffee healthily ‘ruined’ by obscuring it with organic cocoa, MCT powder and collagen peptides. Just so you aren’t too appalled, I want to let you know I do drink it ‘raw’ as well to catch the underlying flavor and character and appreciate all that went into bring it to me which includes your work. Thank you for that too. By the way, a retired professional marketing friend of my will be getting this link. I think she’ll find it thought provoking.

    1. Thanks for the comment Frank. I know there’s a lot of criticism of tourism in some ways, like culture voyeurism, but the fact it brings new perspective and is such a positive. And hey, drinking your coffee the way YOU like it is more important than anything so I support the additives 100%!

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