Jute bags of Coffee in parchment El Salvador
Jute bags of parchment coffee that have been dried and are ready to go to the mill.

The flavor of coffee that has been stored for too long, it has absorbed the flavor of whatever it has been stored in. : Coffees that are held for too long run the risk of this taint. Essentially the coffee comes to absorb the flavors of whatever it is stored in – usually the burlap or jute bag. Many times a darker roast on these coffees will conceal this taint. Baggy flavors are the result of aging of coffee, and can be accelerated by changes in temperature and humidity. Fluctuating conditions activate the “water activity” in coffee and ionic action that bonds to compounds in the coffee and can result in their exchange with the storage environment. For some origins theses changes in flavor can emerge in 1 year, 9 months, even 6 months for some coffees

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