The Kona district on the big island of Hawaii produces the best coffee from this state – clean, sweet and mild. : Ah, Hawaii… what a nice place. They grow nuts, fruit, and coffee. The coffee is expensive. It is mild (sometimes too mild) or it can be wonderful! It can be terrible and flat. The best coffees cost a lot …the worst cost way too much. So the goal with Hawaiians is to quit thinking that all Hawaiian coffee is good, and to realize that only a handful of coffees deserve the high price in terms of cup quality (you can easily argue that all deserve a high price in terms of the care and labor expended in producing them). And frankly, you must pay quite a bit for the truly great small-farm Kona.
We have also had Ka’u coffee – Ka’u is the district of the big island of Hawaii just south of Kona. It does not have the clarity and sweetness of Kona – but it is an interesting cup.

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