Guatemalas in November


This is the time of year where it starts to get a little tougher to find a really stellar offering from Central America.  A lot of the coffees landed months ago and depending on storage conditions, could’ve taken quite the environmental beating. That said, there is some really careful prep and processing being done and in our coffees from Guatemala the value of that extra care is showing in how well they’re holding up. I took a look at a couple of our current offerings from Guatemala to see how they’re holding up and where they might fit in your line up.


Pulped Coffee in Cuilco, GuatemalaPulped Coffee in Cuilco, Guatemala


There’s notably some of that black cherry character in the dry fragrance with some molasses sweetness. The break is even more sugary accented by those cherry nots. The warm cup has a vanilla wafer cookie flavor, very sweet forward with the brightness showing more in the finish. As the coffee cools there’s more cocoa in the cup through the finish with that balanced cherry brightness. This coffee is still very vivacious and can be roasted for brightness or taken a little deeper to push the cocoa and cookie sweetness.

Guatemala Huehuetenango Finca El Regalito

Pulper at RegalitoPulper at Regalito

There’s a lot of biscuit and cookie character in this coffee, present in the dry fragrance and the break through to the warm cup. There is a nice citrus brightness here that wasn’t showing so much in the fragrance and aroma notes, but adds a nice lift in the finish. As it cools, the brightness becomes more cranberry-like with that graham cracker cookie sweetness. There is a dry almond in the finish that are accentuated by the cranberry notes. I might roast this coffee more towards the cookie and graham character which I think you can do without losing any of the cranberry, could maybe push it into more of a raisin or fig fruited sweetness.


Shade trees at Santa AnitaShade trees at Santa Anita

Plum and molasses are pretty potent in the dry aroma. This coffee is so syrupy and juicy right off the bat. So much full ripe stone fruit that just gets juicier and juicier as it cools. Amazing texture, would be so great as espresso, and brews up brilliantly in pour over. The sweetness lingers for days. This coffee is can be roasted any way, but at City+ the syrupy stone fruit really shines.