Here Comes a Tidal Wave of New Coffees

Colombia Herrera Finca Las Florestalesflavors of berry jam, fresh squeezed orange juice, kaffir lime note and cacao nibs and ripe plum with immense body in darker roasts
Colombia Elias Finca El Azulejois balanced, with sweet caramel juxtaposed by roasted nut, and a rindy citrus note. As it cools, the profile gives way to honey and black tea. A well-rounded coffee, and one that will prove well in espresso applications too.
Ethiopia Guji Zone Akrabiis laden with unrefined sugars and florals, like muscovado sugar and lilac…also sweet fruits, and soft citrus notes.
Ethiopia Muhrabawi Limu – has a raw honey sweetness in the cup that fades into graham-like sweet grain flavor, cut through with nice cleansing acidity. Would work great as a highlight espresso blend component.
Guatemala Candelaria Lote VeneciaCity roasts have a green tea/roasted barley flavor with lemon oil and a hint of sesame. Darker roasts build sweetness a bit, refined cane sugar, and a lemony acidity shows well.
Guatemala Huehuetenango Hoja Blancashows golden raisin and malic brightness and eludes at the fruited profile that comes with a cool cup. The sweetness is quite syrupy. Full City roasts bring a chocolate confectionary quality.
Kenya Gichugu Kamwangi ABMalic to citric fruits, and acidity that winds up somewhere between grapefruit and black tea. Good for espresso.
Kenya Kirinyaga Kiangoi AB –  has dark grape juice and mulling spice flavors, along with a fresh mango note. A standout brewed coffee, acidity is malic like apple-juice, and refreshing. The finish is sweet, crowning an already elegant Kenya cup.
Yemen Mokha Bani HarazIntense, with pungent sarsaparilla, dried fig and tamarind. Dark cacao and aromatic wood show at deeper roast levels, still fruited, with prune and dark berry notes. Viscous body. Good for espresso.
Yemen Dhamari Anishas a sweetness throughout, contrasted by savory and aromatic wood notes, and rustic cocoa nibs. Fruited accents at City+ include quishr tea, muskmelon, and dry pineapple. Good for espresso.


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