Home Storage for Home Roasting

We did another coffee storage test last week in the office.  We wanted to test out some new small tins against our current storage options.  The small tin, pictured below, holds about 55 grams at most.  The idea is that after roasting coffee you would weigh out individual portions, enough for a batch of coffee from your brewing method of choice.  The individual tins would cut down on oxygen exposure as you’re not opening a bag or container on a daily basis.

Ethiopia Chelelektu Yirga Cheffe was our test coffee, one we’ve really been enjoying in the office.  We stored it a day after it was roasted for our subscription program for a total of 8 days in each container.  None of the containers were opened during the storage period.

We used two of the new tins, one filled almost too full with 55 grams and other filled about ½ of the way full with 24 grams. We tested the two tin methods against an airscape and a ¼ lb valve bag, both containing 58 grams.  We brewed up all four methods in our office technivorm.

The definite favorite was the ¼ lb valve bag, with a nice sweetness, lively, and free of any taints. It was an overall crowd pleaser, as about eight people from different parts of the business agreed it was best! A close second was the small tin filled ½ of the way full, as the coffee still had a bit of room to degas.  The airscape and the full tin had less favorable reviews, being described as flat, stale, and a slightly metallic finish.  The results reinforce that you should try to use your coffee in a timely fashion and store it in a way that will allow for degassing.  We’re considering carrying the tins so be on the look out for them in the near future!


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