How can I be Down?

Would you like to step into tomorrow with some spanking new shrub offerings? Here is the get up on the get down.

Colombia Tolima Florestales, Maximino Gutierrez

The cup has tons of sweet berry (City roast level), strawberry jam initially, with a more blended berry as the cup cools (raspberry-strawberry mixed). The apple pie/apple pastry taste emerges as well, with a detectable cinnamon accent. It’s a very refined cup, and I would say the brightness, the acidity is especially graceful and succinct. It also has the cumulative effect of being remarkably juicy, no doubt an effect of the berry notes and the sweetness.

Guatemala Acatenango Finca La Soledad

The aromatics are classic, clean, balanced Central America all the way, and the cup flavor follow suit. There is a grain-like sweetness in the lighter roasts, almond and apricot high notes; a pleasant cup with sweetened hot cereal character. At City+ roast a more rounded flavor profile emerges, with a dense mouthfeel, a more developed sweetness, but still apricot-nut flavors at the foreground. Now something else quite exciting about this Finca La Soldedad lot, the single origin espresso is fantastic! Roasted just to the verge of 2nd crack, perhaps a few snaps into it, the espresso is bright, creamy, dense, sweet, chocolaty, silky.

super raps,

super rappin’.

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