How we do. How we brew. Tim’s camp coffee set-up

October 21, 2014

Fall is the rock climbing season here in Northern California, so it often means I’m camping in the Sierras to be closer to outdoor rock climbing when I’m not answering emails here at Sweet Maria’s! I generally just car camp, so I like to bring a good coffee set-up, even if it takes up a bit of room in the car. If I’m backpacking or going somewhere remote, I’ll take something more like Tom’s travel kit.
This past weekend I brought what I had left from our roasted subscription program of the Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Zonegediyo, which had great floral notes and brightness.

I also brought my Hario V60 (not recomended, it’s a little fragile and glass, but what I grabbed running out the door!), a Hario Buono kettle and the Hario Skerton grinder. The Skerton has a great burr set and if you break the glass bottom (like I did!) a standard mason jar will screw on as a replacement!

I’m not too exact when I’m making coffee when camping. I just try to guess and grind a similar amount of beans for what I’d weigh out making a cup at home and aim for a brew time of about 3 minutes. I’ve found that even if it’s not perfect, I enjoy it much more than trying to find a decent cup of coffee on the way to climb in the morning.



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