it keeps you runnin’

Hey Folks,
We’ve run out of a few more coffees this week, The Guatemala Finca San José Ocaña and the Kenya AA Nyeri Tambaya. It’s really exciting that these coffees are finding an audience and that people are finding ways to use the shrub. We’ve tried to keep our offering list dynamic while at the same time giving certain coffees the time to grow a following, like the Tambaya which took a little time to catch on. The very best thing that can happen with these coffees is that they sell out. We’ve added two coffees this week, Peru Las Delicias – Lucio Huaman and a Rwanda from the Rushashi washing station produced by the Duhingekawa Womens COOP (a 70 member sub-group of the Abakundakawa COOP). Keep on keepin’ on.

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