New arrivals – Costa Rica “Cafe Sin Limites”, Nicaragua Mama Mina Microlot, Espresso Workshop 8 Waw Bukan Main, Costa Rica R.I.P. 2009

Happy World Standards Day! We’re adding two new coffees, a workshop espresso, and a parchment coffee today. Check out the full reviews, but here’s the rundown: 1) a new crop from Costa Rica “Cafe Sin Limites” farm with large mouthfeel and cocoa powder. 2) Nicaragua Mama Mina Microlot with mild brightness and mild fruit from this mostly Caturra farm. 3) Espresso Workshop #8 – Waw, Bukan Main! … Just say Bukan? Yes, it’s another workshop espresso blend, this time with an Indonesian basis in blend and name; well-rounded with nice body and a fruited overlay. 4) Costa Rica R.I.P. 2009 … Please read the full review and the linked tutorial. This coffee is semi-processed and must be roasted carefully to attain rustic fruit without scorching the flavor.

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