Kenya AA Kiambu-Kimathi; Mexico FTO Oaxaca Pluma

Kenya has arrived. Our first lot of Main crop, Auction Lot Kenya is here: Kenya AA Kiambu – Kimathi. The initial cup results are outstanding (but the full review is not complete yet). Kiambu regional coffees, along with Meru and Thika districts, were the first to distiguish themselves in the cuppings this year, with Nyeri and Kirinyaga regions peaking a bit later. We have quite a few selections coming, but it takes between 6 weeks and 10 weeks to work out all the logisitcs and actually receive each lot. So this Kiambu is our first of many excellent lots we have already bid upon and won in the Kenya auctions. On a different note, it looks like it will be a fine year for Oaxaca, if our first new crop arrival is an indication: Mexico FTO Oaxaca Pluma. The light roast have a great toasted almond tone, while it turns to tangy bittersweet chocolate at FC/FC+ roast. We have another Oaxaca lot arriving late next week too, which will offer a contrasting cup (a fruited and winey hint). But in overall scoring this FTO lot remains on top for more dynamic brightness, and excellent aromatic character. Okay, we need more pictures here in this “blog” so here’s my favorite tire photo from my last origin cupping trip -Tom

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