Kenya Coffee Cupping Trip (Podcast, Ep. 37)

Some audio notes from a February 2023 Kenya coffee tasting trek become a 30 minute podcast episode.

It’s been nearly 4 years since visiting Kenya, and I am excited to be back.

When I travel for coffee I tend to make audio recordings over morning coffee, and sometimes I edit these into podcasts later.

Kenya trips that focus on cupping can be intense. It’s a marathon of tasting, and very intense coffee at that. I talk a bit about the approach I think Kenya requires in terms of coffee sourcing, and later about the grades of Kenya coffee outside of specialty types.

Traveling often leads me to thoughts about the history of coffee production and trade, and with Kenya the specific history of colonialism here.

And I end with a song! A 45 single I found in a stack near Nairobi by Fadhili William & The Black Shadows, Hakuna Mwingine.

And that’s a summary of this 30 minute podcast recorded mostly in Kenya, in February 2023. You can hear it on your favorite podcast service or click on the libsyn audio file below -Thompson

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