Larry Cotton’s 300 gram All-In-One Wobble Roaster + Updated Versions

As if one size wasn’t enough.

UPDATE July, 13, 2023: Larry sent us the following video of the Wobble Roaster with a wooden handle and aluminum funnel.

Sweet Maria’s customer, Larry Cotton, continues to amaze us with his inventive spirit and fabrication skills. Take a look at his 300 gram All-In-One Wobble Disk Roasters. One is portable, one has a lower shroud and the other design in totally integrated These are an addition to his previous 200 gram design. The heating element, motor and agitator are all built into one powerful tower. We are speechless as usual.

FYI, these are homemade projects and not intended for mass production (unless Larry decides otherwise). If you don’t know, Larry has many more coffee roasting inventions that he has shared with us in the past. Now you know.

Sifter Wobble Disk

Improved Wobble Disk

200g All-One-Wobble Disk

Original Wobble Disk

EZ Roaster

Larry’s pdf instructions to build your own Wobble Roaster –>

Email Larry directly with any technical questions.

[email protected]

Questions? Contact the maker himself at [email protected]

Also see Larry’s previous designs below:

Sifter Coffee Roaster

Simple-er Sifter Roaster

DIY Wobble Disk Coffee Roaster

All-In-One Wobble Disk Roaster

The Improved Wobble Disk Roaster

7 Responses

    1. Very cool, Larry – thanks for sharing! Using the aluminum flashing is a nice touch, makes the roaster feel polished (and safer than exposed components).

  1. I’m very grateful for Sweet Maria’s posting my wobble disk coffee roaster videos over the years, and hope they sell more beans as a result.


    1. I know some of our customers are as intrigued with your creations as us, Larry. Please keep them coming!

  2. i’m very happy that Sweet Marias has published videos of my wobble disk roasters.

    hint: their beans are great; i’ve never seen a bad bean!

    Larry Cotton

  3. just to reiterate: i’ve never found a defective bean in any roast using Sweet Maria’s products. they (the beans) seem to be pretty happy too; all SM roasts are quite even. i’m in two coffee roasters’ forums on Facebook, and i’ve never seen a negative comment for SM.


    1. Thanks for the support Larry! We’re flattered to have had the opportunity to supply you with coffee all these years. Looking forward to seeing what you cook up next!


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