Video – Hybrid Wobble Disk Roaster by Larry Cotton

Sweet Maria’s customer Larry Cotton delivers another amazing DIY coffee roaster.

Here’s Larry’s hybrid Sifter/Wobble Disk roaster that roasts 1/2lb + batches. Larry says it uses an ordinary 8-cup flour sifter and a Black+Decker screwdriver to turn the disk which was neatly cut from an 8″ aluminum pizza pan.

You may notice two different configurations. One with the battery-holding end of the screwdriver removed; the power comes from the cradle the screwdriver rests in. The alternate configuration uses the entire screwdriver which is tethered to a 5V DC adapter. A heat gun furnishes the heat and blows most of the chaff away while roasting.

A simple coupling keeps the screwdriver away from the hot sifter. When the roast is done, Larry uses the screwdriver as a handle and pours the coffee onto a homemade cooling tray.

In case you were wondering, Larry’s roaster projects are one-of-a-kind creations and are not for sale (unless Larry decides otherwise).

From Larry: “This roaster is the culmination of almost 7 years of building over 22 roasters, all different. I just build and use them as a fun hobby–and to introduce my family and friends to the roasters and some really great coffee. Three detailed builds have been published in Make magazine over the years. The wobble disk is a recent idea which works quite well (covered in Vols. 71 and 76 of Make) and is a lot of fun to watch, too. I guess I have this fantasy that a small roaster manufacturer will stumble on a random post and see the value that a simple, intuitive, inexpensive machine offers and maybe start building more than just one at a time! Sweet Maria’s has been very kind to post these recent roasters on their website and I really appreciate it!”

DIY Coffee Roaster by Larry Cotton

Questions? Contact the maker himself at [email protected]

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