The “Red Ball” Edition of Larry Cotton’s Wobble Disk Roaster

A few upgrades and a little flair.

Coffee roaster and Sweet Maria’s customer, Larry Cotton sent us this awesome video of his latest invention. It’s an upgraded version of his “Wobble Disk” design with a few cool features like an oversized handle that doubles as a leg and half of a red plastic ball at the base that Larry describes as “just a piece of whimsy with a purpose: to keep chaff, etc out of the heat gun’s fan’s motor.” He explains, “I’m calling it the “Red Ball Roaster” to distinguish it from all the others I’ve built.”

FYI, this is a homemade project and not intended for mass production (unless Larry decides otherwise). If you don’t know, Larry has many more coffee roasting inventions that he has shared with us in the past. Now you know.

Sifter Wobble Disk

Improved Wobble Disk

200g All-One-Wobble Disk

Original Wobble Disk

EZ Roaster

Larry’s pdf instructions to build your own Wobble Roaster

Email Larry directly with any technical questions. [email protected]

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