Video: Larry Cotton’s Sifter Coffee Roaster

Apr. 9, 2019

Once in a while Sweet Maria’s customer Larry Cotton blows our minds by sending us photos or a video of a new homemade coffee roaster creation made from basic parts and not-so-basic engineering. Here’s his latest.

About 1.5 cups of green coffee is loaded into a modified flour sifter by an auger system fed by a hopper. Larry had replaced the wire stirrers in the sifter with paddles in order to give the beans better agitation. The heat source is a vertically mounted Harbor Freight heat gun (about $9) pointed up through the bottom of the sifter. The mechanism that moves the roasted coffee to the cooling tray is built with a rack and pinion taken from a camera tripod. As the batch is cooling, the next batch can start the roast process. Each batch takes about 10-15 minutes. Oh, and the music…Larry made that too.

Here’s the video.

Questions? Contact the maker himself at [email protected]

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