Video – EZ Roaster by Larry Cotton

Another awesome wobble disk design

Once in a while, we get an email from Sweet Maria’s Customer, Larry Cotton, telling us about the completion of another one of his homemade coffee roasting machines. This time around, Larry sent us a video of his new EZ roaster, a “wobble disk” roaster that Larry says has been the easiest to use.

The main components are a heat gun, electric screwdriver, a flour sifter and a few other common items. The capacity is 300g. Notice the lack of metal housings or brackets. Larry created all structural parts from wood. Notice a driver attachment turns the spindle. This is what allows the roasting chamber (sifter) to be removed when the batch is ready to cool. Small magnets keep the sifter in place and a small switch turns the screwdriver off when the sifter is removed from the base. Genius.

Do you like the music? Larry composed it. Like the video? Larry shot and edited it.

If you have questions about the specs or build, you can email Larry directly at [email protected].

In case you were wondering, Larry’s roaster projects are one-of-a-kind creations and are not for sale (unless Larry decides otherwise).

DIY Coffee Roaster by Larry Cotton

Also see Larry’s previous designs below:

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Larry’s pdf instructions to build your own Wobble Roaster –>

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  1. I went ahead a built this type of roaster based on Larry’s EXCELLENT video and information. It’s a little different based on what stuff I had lying around, and my electric screwdriver must be a slightly different model. But, it was a fast, easy build, and I use it outdoors. It cost less than $50 as I had the heat gun already. You can see my approach here (includes a description and parts list).

    Super fun project. Roast 3x my Popper and easier to control the roast. Takes about the same amount of time (10+ minutes to first crack + 1.5 min). I’m really pleased with the results and grateful for all the interactions made by Larry and Sweet Maria’s helpful information on these topics!

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