Los resultados … Best of Panama Coffee Competition 2009

So we finished the Best of Panama competition this afternoon with an unusual twist: re-roasting and re-cupping the top 8 coffees. There was enough concern on the jury about variations in the roast levels that some felt they could not judge the coffee fairly. One was quite light, several a bit dark. But the fact is, these were a very difficult set of samples to roast. A pacamara, 2-3 geisha, some miel coffees, and one really weird low grown lot. Nobody is quite sure how that slipped in…
Anyway, Maria noted the results at the award ceremony as best she could while I chased around after Ben:
10. Callejon Estate -Alvado
9. Cafe valentine
8. Lerida Estate -Collins
7. Kotawa -Koyner
6. Cafe Ole -Monchi
5. Elida Estate -Lamastus
4. Carmen Estate Paso Ancho -Carlos
3. Don Gulliano – Gonzalo Rojas (Pmara)
2. Gesha Carleda
1. Esmeralda Especial Gesha

So it’s not a huge surprise, in the Panama coffee competition that Esmeralda entered again after a hiatus and won. Their Gesha lot was truly spectacular next to the other 2 in the top 10 coffees. This is a rough list with a few misspellings for sure – So after a couple weeks on the road it’s back to California tomorrow and back SM on Monday! -Tom

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