Bronze Tip Gesha
New leafs are bronze on this tree - new leaf is called tips, so this tree is bronze tipped ....

Gesha is a long-bean Ethiopia selection with unique cup character. Gesha is the name of the town in Western Ethiopia where the original samples were collected. Spelling it as Geisha appears to be part of the marketing of the coffee, as it was spelled as Gesha in the variety collections and gardens of the ICO up until it became commercialized as a single variety coffee offering.

Gesha is a long-bean Ethiopia cultivar selection with unique cup character. It is most famously grown on the Jaramillo plot at Hacienda Esmeralda in Panama by the Peterson family. It has now been broadly planted in other Central America countries and beyond to capitalize on the high price it has fetched.

It was distributed from the garden at CATIE in Costa Rica, and displayed some rust-resistant properties.

There is not a single Gesha type. Most seeds came from CATIE and the plot was reported from the first plantings in Panama as being mixed, with a bronze-leaf upright type, and green-leaf compact type. (Referring to the color of the new young leaf on the plant.) Since then, and it’s spread all over Latin America and across the world, the variety has become only more unclear in terms of traceability. Indeed it tended to hybridize over time with other varieties planted around it, and the clarity of the cup character changing along with it. (Arabica is self pollinating and does not tend to hybridize but in time, and with many instances of planting, it will).

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