Manzano Process Experiments on Coffee Shrub

The Manzano process experiments are up on shrub now. We’re very happy to be able to offer the experiments all together as a full set to shrubland this year. Some ideas for presentation of these coffees for your employees and/or customers:

– Roast all 3 to the same degree, serve as a set from a single service brew method.
– Set up a cupping to present the roasted explain the different processes and have an open discussion about the differences found in the cup.
– This is a great set for a Farmer’s Market presentation as you will have an agricultural context to help drive home the concepts.
– Create a “single originespresso blend from the 3 different processes (use the MW lightly in the blend; in small amounts it can provide brightness but too much and it can be sour).
– Compare/contrast the DP Manzano to a DP coffee from another region.
– Compare roast profiles, as stated above, note the differences around the first crack of the roast. This is an excellent training instrument for yourself or a roaster in training.
– Share your findings on The Manzano page or on Facebook or an online forum, let’s have some conversations about these coffees!

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