We are super jazzed to finally release the Finca El Manzano Processing Experiment. The Full Natural (Dry Process) is available here on shrub:

and the whole 3 coffee package (1 pound each of the 3 processing styles) is available through Sweet Maria’s

This is a unique experiment in coffee processing methods. Wet Process, Pulp Natural, and Natural Dry processing methods are used for a small lot of coffee all of the same varietal, from the same plot of land, and harvested on the same day, 12/29/09. There is a clear progression of flavors and characteristics shown in the cup and it is a great opportunity to see how process affects not just the cup, but roasting as well.

We are excited to offer the Full Natural Dry Process here on shrub:

“Various stone fruits and honey in the cup, incredibly juicy, juicy down the wrist after the first bite juicy. The sweetness is intense, but never cloying, and the body just keeps getting more and more syrupy as the cup cools. For all the nectarine and plum and blackberry in this coffee and the rich syrupy body, it’s actually not that complex. There is a purity and clarity in the flavors presented here.”

And we strongly urge you to look at the whole Manzano Experiment package over at SM, we feel like this is an excellent tool for staff and customer training, as well an opportunity to look at processing in an unprecedented way.

here’s a video: