New arrivals- Costa Rica El Puente Tarrazu Caturra, Ecuador Zumba Microlot, Brazil Joao de Campos Yellow Catuai, Kenya Nyeri Gathaithi Peaberry, Ethiopia Organic Yirga Cheffe-Koke Coop

Five arrivals! Let’s start with Costa Rica El Puente Tarrazu Caturra, with sweet glazed almond in the profile. This should tide us over until new harvest in a month or so. Next is a small lot from a region we haven’t seen in awhile: Ecuador Zumba Microlot Especial. The profile has caramel and panela sweetness and a clean finish. We are also adding the nicely balanced Brazil Joao de Campos Yellow Catuai with chocolate and caramel throughout; also makes a great espresso component! Lastly we have some exciting African additions. Kenya Nyeri Gathaithi Peaberry is a clean cup with Meyer lemon brightness and an Oolong tea note. Keep it at a light roast! Lastly we’re adding another coffee certain to be popular: Ethiopia Organic Yirga Cheffe, Koke Coop. This coffee has a silky body, with a combination of fruits, fruit preserves, and a hint of almond. More info at each of the links.

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