New arrivals- Sumatra Grade 1 Mandheling,Aged Sumatra Lintong Peaberry ’07 Crop,Bali Kintamani Wet-Hull Arabica

Here are the three coffees we will be adding: Sumatra Grade 1 Mandheling is back and we are at the peak of the harvest season which is probably why this has such nice complex earthiness, deep bass tone, and heavy body. Even more eagerly awaited is the return of aged coffee and today we are adding Aged Sumatra Lintong Peaberry ’07 Crop. For folks who haven’t tried Aged before, allow the coffee to rest before grinding for 2-4 days for full development. Look for peppery notes, syrupy sweetness, mint, and aromatic wood. We’re also happy to announce a new lot of Bali Kintamani Wet-Hull Arabica, with a marked “Indonesian” profile – fruited, low acidity, and also has chocolate roast notes. Check out the full cupping notes and farm information at the review links above!

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