New arrivals- Timor FTO Maubesse,Kenya Nyeri AA Kiamabara,Colombia Gaitania “Los Pijaos de Tolima”,Espresso Workshop #9 – Dénouemoi

We have added three new coffees and a new espresso blend today! Here is the brief rundown: We are very happy to see the return of a Timorese coffee, it’s been a couple of years waiting for a quality lot. This Timor FTO Maubesse has a wide roast profile, nice balance between brightness and body, and is for fans of a sweeter Indonesian cup than a traditional Sumatra. Kenya Nyeri AA Kiamabara is our latest East African addition with moderate acidity, spice, and apricot in the profile. Next we are adding a really fine early Colombian, the Gaitania “Los Pijaos de Tolima”. Look for a nice balanced profile with raisin, clove, and spice in the finish. Finally we have Espresso Workshop Blend #9 – Dénoumoi, our new Franglais-named blend. The Dénoumoi has intense chocolate, agressive fruit, thick body, and even a hint of blackberry.

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