New Coffee Gear From This Year’s SCAA Show

April 24. 2013

This year’s SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) event/trade show took place two weekends ago in Boston so it was very chilling to hear of the marathon bombings just a day after being there. The tradeshow floor can be overwhelming if you aren’t prepared for the thousands of square feet of specialty coffee madness. Luckily, I’m really obsessed with gadgets, devices, products, etc. Here’s a few photos I shot of noteable new products spotted while sorting through the endless booths selling syrups, cup sleeves, pods, and smoothie mixes.

One of our favorite drum roaster companies, HotTop, has been working on a touch screen controlled roaster with a 1 kg capacity. I think the folks that stay up late roasting multiple batches with their 1lb drum roasters will be excited. At the time of the show, there were no predictions as to when it will be available or how much it will cost. Hopefully it won’t be too expensive.


This is a new immersion dripper from Yama. The funnel is all glass and it uses a metal filter. There’s a manual spigot that releases your coffee into the carafe below. We plan on testing one soon.


I spotted this BonaVita being used to brew with a Chemex. This is not a new product or a new idea but it serves as a good reminder that we can step out of the box a bit with our electric brewers. You can also do this with a Behmor Brazen.


Hario’s been very innovative in the recent past with new ways to brew with their poplular V60 system. Check out their first electric auto-brewer and manual pour over stand. I can’t wait to try these out.


The Blossom One machine was sent back to 2013 from the future. I wonder if Doc Brown from Back to the Future had anything to do with this…he always seemed like he had drank one too many cups of coffee. It’s a modular system that operates like an Aeropress or pull handle espresso machine…although it doesn’t seem to make espresso. It’s aimed at the commercial market but their website shows an option for interested home users. It measures the water temp throughout the brew process, has a camera to read QR codes loaded with brew recipes and wifi…yes, that’s right…this means you can monitor it’s performance remotely. The proposed price tag is $11,111. Whoa.




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