New: Colombia Tolima Miguel Ospina, Costa Rica Manantiales Finca Fidel, Ethiopias Harar Longberry and Sidama Bonko

Coffee Ceremony! Newly added: Colombia Tolima -Miguel Ospina Microlot, Costa Rica Manantiales -Finca Fidel, Ethiopia Harar Longberry , and Ethiopia Sidama Bonko. It’s a fearsome foursome. Here’re the key notes: the Colombia Tolima -Miguel Ospina Microlot from the ASOCEAS coop is an elegant blend of fruits with vanilla-honey tones as well. We are limiting this small lot to 1-lb orders. The Costa Rica Manatiales Finca Fidel is a versatile coffee and a lively cup with florals, peach iced tea, and praline in the cup. And finally, we have two sure hits from Ethiopia. The Ethiopia Harar Longberry has a good body with cinnamon, and tea in the cup. At darker roasts, look for a hint of leather amongst rustic chocolate. The Ethiopia Sidama Bonko is a brighter cup with clear and light body, fennel cookie and a confectionery sugar taste.

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