New: Ethiopia Harar DP Biftu Genema, Papua New Guinea Wahgi PB, India Sanskriti Arabica

We have a trio of quite different coffees to add today! Ethiopia Harar Organic Dry Process Biftu Genema, Papua New Guinea Wahgi Peaberry, and India Sanskriti Arabica ”O Frabjous day!” was Maria’s exclamation (with a nod to her father and Lewis Carroll) and words certainly defy our excitement today. It’s what everyone’s been waiting for … Harar ! … We are adding the new Ethiopia Harar Organic Dry Process Biftu Genema today. Check out the review but look for complex chocolate, spice and notes of black tea and licorice. Don’t miss out on what may be the sole Harar this season and the first in a long time! Next is the early harvest Papua New Guinea Wahgi Peaberry. Look for bright notes and fruit jam sweetness in this blend of cultivars from PNG. We’ll look to later usual Kimel arrivals but this is a special early lot. Lastly is a region we haven’t stocked in awhile, India. The India Sanskriti Arabica is a balanced cup with pecan, honey, and an apple brightness. It also has some Brazil-like qualities, very strange for a wet-process! … Check the full reviews!

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