New: Java Kajumas Taman Dadar, Ethiopia Sidama Decaf, Costa Rica West Valley Decaf & Brazil Colina

A Few Coffees More! We added Java Kajumas Organic Taman Dadar, Ethiopia Sidama WP Decaf, Costa Rica West Valley WP Decaf and Brazil Organic Fazenda Colina. Here is the quick run-thru: The Java Taman Dadar is very Sumatra-like, brooding and rustic so Mandheling fans should take note. The Brazil Organic Fazenda Colina is a nicely balanced cup which can also be roasted dark for SO espresso. Also, new decafs today: The Ethiopia Sidama WP Decaf which entered the decaf process as a fruited dry-process Ethiopian has nicely balanced profile after wet process decaffeination with plum fruit and milk chocolate. In the Costa Rica West Valley WP Decaf, look for fudgesicle and lively lemon accents. Check out Tom’s full reviews!

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