Java Coffee Processing and Mill Visits 2019

The Indonesian island of Java is an important coffee source for us. Here’s a video of coffee mill visits and other wackiness.

Here’s some video clips from a trip Thompson made to the Java island regions in West Java (Java Sunda) and Central Java too. This was a 2019 trip to Java was to check out arabica, mainly with a visit to our supplier mill, and robusta sources in Central Java. I had not visited Central Java before before.

Much of this is a conversation with Wildan at the Frinsa dry mill. We talk processing with Wildan, who is very knowledgeable … it turns out he knows a lot about potatoes too, which he studied at UC Davis not far from us in Oakland California.

The audio is not great in my video at some times … sorry!

Also, there is a lot of non-coffee stuff in this video , especially at the beginning and end… I just thought it was interesting and fun. FYI

Also see our related video of Flores coffee coop visits: Flores Indonesia Coffee Supplier Visits

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