Java Coffee Processing and Mill Visits 2019

The Indonesian island of Java is an important coffee source for us. Here’s a video of coffee mill visits and other wackiness.

Here’s some video clips from a trip Thompson made to the Java island regions in West Java (Java Sunda) and Central Java too. This was a 2019 trip to Java was to check out arabica, mainly with a visit to our supplier mill, and robusta sources in Central Java. I had not visited Central Java before before.

Much of this is a conversation with Wildan at the Frinsa dry mill. We talk processing with Wildan, who is very knowledgeable … it turns out he knows a lot about potatoes too, which he studied at UC Davis not far from us in Oakland California.

The audio is not great in my video at some times … sorry!

Also, there is a lot of non-coffee stuff in this video , especially at the beginning and end… I just thought it was interesting and fun. FYI

Also see our related video of Flores coffee coop visits: Flores Indonesia Coffee Supplier Visits

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    1. Hey Doug, unfortunately, most of these mills are closed off to the public and don’t offer tours. We sometimes come across mills set up to give tours in our travels, and I think we will start making a list so we can share with people like yourself who wish to get a closer look at the behind the scenes operations.


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