Video: Visiting Dusangirijambo, a Burundi Coffee Cooperative

Welcome to Dusangirijambo, a Burundi coffee cooperative in the Kayanza region, close to the Rwanda border.

We have traveled here many times over the last 5 years. This cooperative consists of many small-holder farmers that might only deliver a few kilograms of coffee cherry per week.

There are not a lot of other places where the money we pay for coffee goes more directly to the small farmers. Cooperatives in Burundi have many members with as few as 50 coffee trees to their name.

Even with the small amount of coffee they produce, this might be their only access to cash, with other harvests being for sustenance or local barter.

The station is in the Kayanza district, in Mururi Colline at 1800 meters. This was the first Cooperative Coffee Station in the area, formed in 2011.

The used an eco-friendly, Colombian-designed Penagos 1500 pulper, the type that scrubs the fruit layer off the coffee so avoids fermentation.

However the maintenance of the machine proved costly and difficult, resulting in damaged parchment coffee. s a result the reverted back to the traditional Disk Pulper used in Burundi for decades. Since they have a good water supply, and the carefully treat the pulp and water before releasing it to the local watershed, the environmental concerns weren’t an issue in reverting back to the “non-ecological” method!

Ok, I know you are wondering… Dusangirijambo pr. (Doo-san-geeree-jambo). It means “bringing ideas together”!

Visiting Dusangirijambo, a Burundi Coffee Cooperative

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