Penagos Demucilage mill at San Marcos MicroMill
San Marcos MicroMill, San Marcos de Tarrazu Costa Rica

Penagos Hermanos is a Colombian company that produces demucilage coffee processors. This is a forced demucilage machine that uses little water, and removes the coffee fruit layer from the parchment seed using friction and a small amount of water.

The demucilage process is key to the newer Micro-Mill facilities. With this machine, you can adjust the water pressure level, and control exactly how much mucilage to leave on the seed; you can produce a fully-washed style coffee, or a pulp-natural style coffee.

Some call this “machine washed” coffee, which is accurate in that the process replaces fermentation with a machine process, but the goal of the end result is the taste of a “washed” aka wet process coffee, in most cases

Also see Pinhalense, the Brazilian manufacturer of demucilagers

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