Wacky Coffee Muzics: This is a few oddball coffee-related songs I have come across

Hello, thanks for coming over. This is a few oddball coffee-related songs I have come across, and wanted to share with you, coffee luver.

The classic tune Coffee Rumba is done with inimitable style by Japan’s amazing power duo The Peanuts.

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Best known for their early Godzilla cameos. They were discovered by Watanabe Pro founder Sho Watanabe when he first saw them performing at a club in Nagoya as the Ito Sisters, and in 1958 brought them to Tokyo, where they were dubbed The Peanuts. Their records were very popular in Japan during the 1950’s & 1960’s. I’ve been told they even appeared here in the U.S. on “The Ed Sullivan Show”. They also appeared in several films including several Mothra and Godzilla films. The duo retired from performing 4 April 1975.

If you are blind and poor, perhaps it is not a good idea to move to NYC. It might be a worse idea if you have a penchant to wear a Viking helmut and want to make it as an avant garde composer. That was Moondog, aka Louis Hardin. Here’s a bit more about this fella… and don’t laugh because he is experiencing a respectable resurgence, and always was popular among critics and jazz musicians.

Not many people find singing in “rounds” very appealing, aside from a youthful “Row Row Row your Boat.” Moondog, with the help of his “Moondog Madrigals” fulfilled a longtime fascination with rounds by creating a whole, whole bunch of them. Anyone who can listen to the entire album deserves a cookie. But here is his tribute to coffee, called Coffee Beans, written at a time when most people had surely forgotten that coffee was not actually a powder that turns hot water brown, but actually a round hard nugget you have to grind.

Here is Moondog’s Madrigals and “

Daniel Johnston has been a personal favorite. I bought cassette tapes from him many moons ago, and they have since fallen into little piles of dust from the stress of being played too many 1000s of times. Jad Fair has always grated on my nerves, but him and Daniel made some good songs, and Coffee Cup is a nice tune. DJ has a nice web site too.

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Young DJ

As for my own contribution, here are the “Sounds of Cupping Coffee.” This is what it sounds like at a competition when a bunch of people from all over the world get together and slurp, suck and spit. Sounds fun eh?

Well just

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