Offer Great Decaf

Greetings from Colombia Folks,

Between pit stops in Narino and Cauca I’ve found some time to chime in about the deliciously fresh new decaf offerings we’ve just recently released. Decaffeinated coffees are the easiest to neglect on your menu. They’re the easiest to look the other way from and add yet another tired, less than beautiful, offering that hasn’t had much thought put into it. Raise your hand if you’ve been guilty at times in the past. I had been not so long ago.

Decaf drinkers are important. In an abstract way they may be the most pure coffee drinkers out there. They come to the table looking for nothing more than the taste of coffee. Not the caffeine boost or anything else. They deserve something great like the rest of your coffee drinking audience does.

We’ve just received a great variety of FRESH decafs that we sent to Vancouver for Swiss Water processing. Tom, Chris, Dan and I are really impressed with the improvements made at that installation over the past few years and these coffees are examples of just how good they can be. We sent a Colombian Narino (Gerardo Lorenzo), a Java (Pitaloka), a stunner from Western Ethiopia (Baaroo), as well as two blends for those looking for a balanced approach to their decaf offerings. The Ethiopian/Colombian and Rwandan/Ethiopian offerings will work exceptionally well as both drip and espresso.

Stop messing around, folks. Offer your customers something great from every end of the spectrum. Shrub is here to be a go-to stop for outstanding, fresh decaf all year long.


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