Our “Ask Us Anything” Live Stream ReRun. 9/24/2020

Did you miss our Ask Us Anything live stream on Sept. 24th, 2020? Maybe you did and need a recap. Either way, we recorded it so you can watch it whenever you want. Thank you to everyone that sent in questions and participated in the live chat. Sorry we didn’t have time to respond to everyone in the chat. If you look in the comments section of the video, we were able to answer everyone’s questions.

Here’s some of the topics we covered

-Automatic pour over coffee machines for home with stainless steel coffee filters.

-Do coffee’s from different parts of the world get harvested at different times of the year, depending on region of origin? Can we expect the taste and make-up of that particular coffee to change from year to year because of weather conditions in the growing area?

-Foreign matter in green coffee

-The process of slowing the temperature to slow the cracks down while roasting?

-What do folks do with small leftover quantities of beans – too small for roasting or brewing?

-Can you recommend any resources for roasting decaf?

-I’ve heard that to produce a good decaf it must be roasted “less aggressively” than reg caf…would you agree with that and if so, could you explain what that means, practically?

-What is ROR and how is it important to roasting?

-Roasting curves, do you want to slowly ramp up the heat during the roast or slowly taper it off?

-Fan speed, why is it important, and when would you increase it? -Sylvester

-Do aggressive roast profiles (particularly in air-roasting) result in a mixed bean development (i.e. full city at bean exterior, city at bean interior) compared to a slower roast where bean development might be more uniform? If so, for what coffees might this be good or bad?

-Is there such a thing as erosion in air roasting where oils/volatile compounds at the bean exterior are more prone to evaporation due to the high air flow?

-Freezing our roasted beans at both home roaster and larger scale

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