Popper Coffee Roaster Livestream Video: Adjustment and Repair

Here’s the YouTube video livestream where we presented the Popper Coffee Roaster voltage adjustment, and did a motor swap and thermal switch re-positioning.

Popper coffee roaster isn’t perfect, but it can be improved with some simple tweaks! We wanted to show how we have been using a combination of a wattmeter and a voltage controller, both plug-and-play devices, to make finer adjustments to the heat on the Popper coffee roaster.

At first we talk about using the Wattmeter itself, and what it offers with basically any coffee roaster. Knowing your line voltage and wattage levels really helps in coffee roasting.

Then I talk about using it with an air popcorn popper, like Poppo. Since Poppo has no computer chip or control board, you can make more liberal adjustments using a voltmeter.

Then we discuss using this set up with a Popper coffee roaster. I recommend keeping the volt adjustments to no less than 105 volts, since Popper does have computer control boards. But we are able to fine tune the wattage levels to each of the “steps” by 50 watts, which gives some more precise control that Popper is lacking.

The rest of our video is dedicated to a start-to-finish repair (actually on a new Popper) including repositioning the thermal cut-off switch and swapping out the fan motor.

Here’s some important links to our other videos and walk-throughs for the Popper coffee roaster:

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