Pacific Northwest Gathering III

Where else do you get to pose with armed dudes in kilts! (for free.)

It must be summer and that means another PNWG home roaster get-together!

First off was a tour of Stumptown’s roasting facility and training room, where we did a little cupping of some very fine coffees. Joel (setting up cups to the right) was our host. He is one of the 2 roasters at the Stumptown.

We had the chance to evaluate about 8 coffees that were dramatically diffferent. I was impressed with everything on the table, but it was one of the milder coffees, Nicaragua Miraflor, that was the sleeper; sweet, milk chocolate, amazing balance … just damn fine drinkin’ coffee.

We had a tour of their nice 60 kilo Probat, then headed over to their original store to check out the other machines they use (pictured below). There is an old 1919 7 kilo Probat that several home roasters plan to break in and steal. The other is a really slick vintage (’59 I think) 15 Kilo machine. All of them are in great shape, and just shows how much care the Stumptown puts into everything, behind the scenes and, um, in front of the scenes. Etc.

Then it was time to hop in the cars and head out to Vancouver, Washington that is… and Mike McKoffee’s house.

Here is our PNWG3 group photo … although I noticed that more than a couple folks ducked out – what’s with that?

Popper talk. Ominous Black Boxes. Hi tech meets Lo tech. Les looks unimpressed.

The 3 muskateers and a total poser (me). Take 2.

Ah, the now-famous 42 bean blend by Alchemist John. Actually not bad, surprisingly good aftertaste.
PNWG 3 informal roundtable. At this point, I am not sure how anybody could even form a sentence. I mean, at this point there were so many espressos (espressi?) pumped out of the 4 machines set up at Mike’s that I am not sure how anyone could hold back the caffeine jitters. As for me, I tasted the lovely Kenya Kora PB and didn’t get the flavors in the cup right. That’s when you know you had one espresso too many. Now, the light roast Uganda espresso, that was a big no-no. But it was made up for by Les’ amazing Full City + Panama Don Pachi “Geisha” espresso, pulled on his Exobar, triple basket, sans the crotch. Amazing, delicious.

Ah Portland, that happy city to the north. A few of my favorite sites. Above, new meaning to the notion of being “big-headed. Right, proof that you can make anything sound good. and below, well, that’s just AWESOME!


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