Podcast: Kafa Ethiopia in the Morning (Podcast Ep. 24)

Tom’s thoughts and various experiences from his recent travels in Kafa, Ethiopia, near the town of Bonga.

Kafa Ethiopia is in Western area, and it is widely accepted that arabica coffee originated here and in the Boma Plateau of Sudan.

The forests in the area of Kafa, including Mankira where we have sources coffee in the past, are lovely, but increasingly in need of management and protection.

Flavor wise Kafa coffees tend to be milder in acidity, and more balanced. In others words they aren’t the racy bright coffees many people associate with Ethiopia. They are nice rounded in flavor and mouthfeel, daily drinking coffees.

This is an early morning meditation on the trip, on the place, on my room, on cats and buzzards, on whatever is on a jet-lagged brain in the early morning. Hope you have the patience for this…

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