Popper Thermal Switch Adjustment

Even though we can’t recommend it, it is possible to adjust the Popper’s thermal switch position and reach higher roasting temperatures.

The Popper roaster has a thermal cutoff switch to prevent the machine from hitting high temperatures too fast. This is an important safety feature (required for UL certification).

It also might tell you that your heat ramp is too fast, and you should slow down your initial roast temperatures, and turn down the heat a bit when the coffee is in first crack. That’s generally best for the roast quality!

But if you find the thermal cutoff switch is getting in the way of the roast profile you want, don’t disable it. It is possible to get to higher roast temperatures with a simple adjustment: Loosen one screw and slide it up the roast chamber a bit! Easy peasy. But a warning, opening up the popper and messing with things means no warranty, so proceed with care if this is something you choose to pursue.

Popper Thermal Switch Position Adjustment

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